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Weekly Report – Greenbrier, W.Va.

June 5, 2017

This week we had the assistance of a group of fourteen young people from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Many had construction experience, and all were hard-working, helpful, and got more done than we could imagine, right down to the joyous Friday afternoon vehicle-washing and housekeeping chores. We thank them for their enthusiasm, kindness, and gifts of singing.

The David and Pat Hoke house – sheet rock and all the primer was completely finished. About half of the painting is finished, including all the ceilings. The flooring, donated by a local company, was delivered and placed in the house to acclimate before installation next week.

The Henry and Lena Hoke house – the insulation and sheet rock are completed and the house will soon be inspected. Taping and most of the joints were completed. The home is close to being ready for a final inspection.

The Bill Defibaugh house in Caldwell and the Richard and Urma Wykle house in White Sulphur Springs each have a few inspection issues to be solved.

Lizzie Schrag from Kansas, and Daniel Schmitt from Germany, each completed seven week terms.  Lizzie will be serving at a nature/science camp this summer, and then returning to college in Canada. Daniel will tour part of the USA before going home to Germany and resuming his career as a mechanical engineer.

We gratefully thank each for their hard work and willingness to accept many new challenges. Project Director Cleo Koop, Cook Gerry Schrock, and Office Manager Peggy Davis, who arrived the week ending May 26, continue at Greenbrier.

Last week, a new job card was signed for the Roger and Melinda Honaker three bedroom, two bath home. Storm Aid began this house and turned it over to MDS-Greenbrier to complete this summer. The original house was irreparably damaged when flood-toppled trees created a dam and concentrated the rainwater rushing down the valley directly against it.

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