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Weekly Report – Greenbrier, W.Va.

April 10, 2017

The Greenbrier project had another active group here this week. They worked on drywall mudding, painting, framing and taking down stucco.

Roger’s home was completed this week, the only thing missing was the home inspection which should happen early next week. If all goes well and the inspection is passed, we can plan the home dedication.

The mudding and sanding was completed this week at Bill’s along with all the priming, only one coat is left to complete the paint job. Some work was done on the wheel chair ramp and it’s coming along very well. More energy was put into the inside since the weather didn’t cooperate with outside work.

Richard’s home was not as active this week. There were some touch ups and supplies were delivered to finish the kitchen and lighting.

At Nickie’s home the stucco needed to be removed and replaced with vinyl siding. This project was started and the stucco is almost all off.

A new build was started at David’s place. The floor was put down and the walls are up. We’re looking forward to getting the rafters up next week.

This was also the last week of Friedbert’s seven month volunteer term. What a commitment to leave his family in Germany for that length of time to volunteer with MDS! Sam built a frame of a house which has significant meaning for Friedbert and we celebrated with a favorite desert. Best Wishes Friedbert!

Thanks you for all for volunteering this week and for the interaction with the home owners.
It is much appreciated, thank you!

The Greenbrier Team: Friedbert, Ernie, David, Vi, Joy, Gerald & Willy

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