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Weekly Report – Fort McMurray

August 25, 2017

We had extra help this week in Fort McMurray as the executive director for Region 5 joined the project so we were able to continue making excellent progress. As the saying goes lots of hands make light work.

We finished anchoring the houses to their foundations and we insulated the rim joists and pieced dry wall to cover the areas, along with lots of spray foam. The concrete floors were poured and finished. Set up time was longer than anticipated and so we took time to unpack appliances that were delivered to the homes. When the concrete had set, basement stairs were constructed and framed into place in all three of the homes.

The sites were trenched for utilities and we are still waiting for the installation of the telephone conduit. When all of the utilities are in place, then we’ll be able to do some final grading of the site. Lots of site cleanup happened this week with the beginning of “rock picking” and minor grading. When the trenches are closed, final grading will take place. We are also waiting for water and sewer hookup that are provided by the city.

We are thankful for our extra hands this week. As we know, our Lord provides the labourers with certain expertise, just when we need them. This week was no exception.

We said goodbye to our long term cook, Emily as she headed home. We also bid farewell to our crew from World Renew. That crew of five was here for two weeks and we will miss their willing spirits and helpful hands.

Blessings from the Ft. McMurray long term volunteers, Robert, Sally & Nicholas

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