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Weekly Report – Fort McMurray

August 28, 2017

This week we have pushed very hard to accomplish a long list of items so that our homeowners might get to move into their homes soon.

We have dry walled the exterior basement walls of the homes, insulated rim Joists, moved in appliances, cleaned both inside and outside, caulked, and painted throughout the week. Utility trenches were finally filled with electrical and telephone conduit. Sub-contractors have been working hard to meet our schedule and rough grading has begun in preparation for landscaping.

We had hoped to be able to have home dedications this week, but we experienced some delays in getting utilities completely hooked up.

We are hopeful to have all of the utility hookups completed and the occupancy inspections soon so the homeowners can truly “go home”. The homeowners are anxious to be in their new homes.

All three homeowners were able to tour their homes on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

This is the final week for many of the volunteers in Fort McMurray. A small contingent will remain on site for several days to facilitate utility hookups and final inspections.

Blessings to all of the MDS and World Renew volunteers who have served as Jesus’ hands and feet in Fort McMurray. This week our short term volunteers were from Alberta and Manitoba. It was good to have them here to help with all the last minute construction needs.

Adios from Ft. McMurray!  Robert, Sally, Nicholas, Harold, and Sandra

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