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Weekly Report for West Virginia Bridges

February 12, 2016

Mary Evelyn, nicknamed Brownie at birth, suffers from severe allergies (mostly to fragrances from products etc.), making it difficult for volunteers to interact with her. Because she is hooked up to oxygen she very seldom leaves her house, only to visit the doctor or get a haircut. Jo and Susan got to visit her the first day when her daughter introduced her to us, and as the week progress she was a bit more willing to meet more of the volunteers. Also due to only a small window facing the bridge she could only see one end of it, but was caught watching through the window as more and more of the work was done.

Brownie was a very small child during the thirties when her father was hired to work rebuilding roads in West Virginia. President Roosevelt was creating work all over the country so people would have employment during this extremely difficult time. She remarked how her father worked on the road that ran right in front of her place where the bridge was now being placed.

Volunteers, John and Jo, told co-workers that they were going to an All Inclusive Resort in WV. It included food and lodging, and water. We are well supplied with all. The problem with the water is that it interferes with the jobs and it also comes in the cold variety – snow, rain and floods. This last week we sat up from 1:00 am to 5:00 am watching the river rise to within three feet of our camper. This was an almost repeat of Dec. 25 when all our campers and equipment was moved to higher ground.

Due to the close proximity to the road that the bridges come to, we have to patrol traffic while working on the road side. The guys take turns as it can get cold standing on the highway. While Peter was taking his turn he said he held his sign as well as give hand signals to traffic to slow them down. As the driver waved at him and slowed down he realized he was directing state police to slow down, two in fact.

We had five guys in last week. We had to do dinner out because of a firemen’s seminar being held in our facility. We took them out to “Five Guys” for burgers and fries. The picture in front of the restaurant showing five guys in front of Five Guys was a highlight for them.

Oh yes we also worked on bridges

Peter and Susan