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Weekly Report for West Virginia Bridges Project

April 27, 2016

Report for week ending 04-22-16 – West Virginia Bridges

Our crews have to drive further and further away to get to the bridges we are building. The beauty does not lessen the further we go. Ms. Dollie has beautiful trees lining her driveway. The only problem with the trees this week was that they somewhat blocked her view of the bridge that was being built for her. That did not stop her from sitting on her porch every day, waiting for someone to come by. Many times someone would either use her phone, her restroom facilities or one of the other chairs on the porch next to her.

This week we went back to modify and widen the bridge for Mr. Jay. He was having a harder time crossing the bridge due to the angle at which he had to get onto it. In thanks his three single nephews promised to bring lunch to the whole crew at Ms. Dollie’s the next day. Ms. Dollie thought she would surprise the guys with lunch, so two hot lunches were delivered on the same day. Ms. Dollie could keep hers for the next day, so no sandwiches had to be made. The volunteers are always happy when they are gifted with a hot lunch.

Our volunteers were a group of Amish men that had come from Michigan. They were a repeat group from the second week of January. Due to having built a bridge once before, they were able to finish this bridge in four days. This allowed us to do some work that had been left for days exactly like this.

Our track hoe operator and his new wife of four months served us well. Sue was an excellent cook, and the food was enjoyed by all.

Our firemen hang out at the fire hall every Thursday night. They are either washing trucks or rerolling their hoses, but always find something to do. This week they needed a generator removed from the top of their fire truck. So we pulled our track hoe (still on the flatbed) beside the firetruck and Stan was able to lift it out and bring it to the ground. The firemen were then able to fix it, and hope to get it put back into the truck this week Thursday, when once again the track hoe should be back at the yard.

While the firemen were doing their work, Ora was on top of our tool trailer painting it with rust protective paint. If it protects the bridges it should protect the trailer. Melvin was fixing the end gate of our dump trailer that had been damaged with all the loads of riprap it has to haul. Amos did some welding, and Nathan organized the tool trailer. The other guys cleaned up the yard of material and garbage. A great spring cleaning and fun as well.

A Bible verse on the back of the fire chief’s tee shirt this week was “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” Hebrews 15:13. Peter mentioned this a few days later at the farewell party that the firemen had for us. It brought an interesting conversation to the table, as Peter reminded them of the great service that they also do for their community.

Peter and Susan



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