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Weekly Report for West Virginia Bridges

February 5, 2016

Finally we had a group of fellow Canadians. The “A’s” were good to hear. They were another gang of hardworking guys that started and completed a bridge for Mrs. Ruth. She loved having them in at lunch and would have great conversations with them. She asked them all to share their testimonies.

We celebrated two bridge dedications this week. The first for Mrs. Shirley and her son Ethan, and the second one was for Mrs. Ruth. We had state representatives, Lowes’ salesman, VOAD as well as our MDS Executive Director Kevin King. Mrs. Ruth had a beautiful thank you cake for all of us.

This group thought they should be fed pierogis and lots of Mexican food. I told them my meals were planned and couldn’t be changed, though it was said with tongue-in-cheek. Then I did threaten them bread and water if others in their group were helped to win Qwirkle games. Others complained about the chains saws and Harley Davidson’s that would go off during the night, making it difficult to sleep. Yes these are close quarters, but great for fellowship. Both Peter and I feel blessed to meet so many wonderful men.

Another week and another bridge done.

Peter and Susan Thiessen