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Weekly Report for Silver Lake

August 15, 2016

MDS Ontario Family Project at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp

Week of Aug. 8 – 12, 2016

This week was even hotter than last, but we still accomplished quite a bit. Two families joined us this week, and the five children were all boys. They brought a lot of energy and creativity.

On our first day, we mostly worked on the change house and its accessories, although we did add some nails to the trusses on the two sheds. We extended the inner change house walls. Vicki and her son built a shelving unit with cubby holes for flippers and life jackets and things of that nature, while Wendy and her sons started to set up for sanding.

Instead of building all-new benches for the change house, we decided to sand and repaint the old ones. The next day a second shelving unit was built, and it was easier than the first one. The benches were sanded and primed. Framing was continued on the change house and it was fastened to the concrete.

Our third day was spent putting a water proof coat on the shelves and painting the benches – light blue and bright yellow. Dodie, one of our MDS cooks, much preferred the yellow, and decided that it should go in the girls’ side of the change house. We also hauled gravel for the floor of the garden shed. At the change house, we worked on strapping and put up half of the trusses. The older guys had to level the trusses to compensate for the uneven foundation. Everybody sought shade all day.

Thursday, the kids decorated the benches with leaf prints, hand prints, and paint splatters. Much of the siding was put on the change house and the trusses were finished. On our last day, the kids helped bring scraps of wood to the burn pile as well as helping to move wood at the change house and put tools away. The roof plywood was completed by Friday evening. (Yay!)

Highlights of this week included the low ropes course, which Rebecca, the Silver Lake outdoor education teacher, led for us. We had fun helping each other across the ropes and completing challenges. We also enjoyed the special treats of our MDS cooks again. They kept us very happy, with donuts, and cinnamon buns, and other treats!

This is MDS’ last week of volunteers, here at Silver Lake, but we have not quite yet finished what we came here to do. However, in a couple of weeks, some MDS long termers will return to finish the job. We’ve had an amazing month!

Submitted by Nikki Mueller

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