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Weekly Report for Jamestown

February 12, 2016

Hi from balmy Jamestown, CO! Since our big snow a week ago, the temperatures have turned surprisingly warm. It felt like spring most of the week and the crews didn’t have to bundle up so much! The snow has almost melted and everything has turned to mud.

Twelve young men joined us this week as short-term volunteers. They drove out from PA and spent the week working hard. We passed inspection on Ms. Nancy’s house and now the exterior is getting painted and drywall is being put up. We will soon be ready for mudding.

Work started on the house next door also. Roger and Bev returned with a larger excavator and digging was done for Ms. Karen’s house on Tuesday. On Wednesday the footer was poured and on Thursday blocks were being laid for the walls and by Friday afternoon concrete was poured.

We enjoyed an evening with our two guests from Jamestown who shared their stories of what happened the night of the flood. Each story is unique and emotional as they relate once again to that traumatic event in September 2013.

On Sat. we said goodbye to Art and Edna who have been our wonderful cooks for the last four weeks. We will miss them! But we also welcomed our new cooks for the next four weeks, Gladys and Cheryl, and are so glad to have them join us!

The Jamestown team – Mike and Linda, Jackson, Stefan and Renate, Moritz, Jason, Gladys and Cheryl