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Weekly Report for Detroit

February 12, 2016

This week was a very eventful week with funny things happening, anxious moments and witnessing God’s protecting hand on a group of the volunteers. This all made for great sharing, laughter and “helpful” advice after supper.

At Ms. LaQuite’s house, walls were scraped, sprayed, insulation put up, drywall hung, mudded and painted.

At Ms. Minnie’s house there were odds and ends to do along with finishing up the long awaited bathroom and shower; there was lots of discussion on who was going to get the first shower! Her laundry room was scraped and bleached ready to paint.

At Ms. Bessie’s house the volunteers hauled out a lot of things for the garbage man, moving it about three different times before finding the place with enough space to hold it all then trying to explain to the police what they were doing, organized the rest of the basement and sanitized the walls.

Bob, the builder, was able to go around on his last day of MDS and finish up several jobs so that they could be signed off.

Without the volunteers that came this week would not have been nearly as much fun!

Blessings to you all

The Detroit Team