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Weekly Report for Camp Assiniboia

July 27, 2016

Report for week ending 07-22-16 – Camp Assiniboia, Family Project

Family Project is a new experience for MDS Manitoba and Mennonite Church Manitoba’s Camp Assiniboia, just 15 minutes west of Winnipeg. The camp was in need of new year-round accommodations to serve the programming requirements for their Christian summer camp, rentals and special needs workshop, retreats, and leadership development. Camp Assiniboia welcomes church, school, community and social services organizations year round.

Four new 34’ x 28’ all-season cabins contain a full kitchen, bathroom, sleeping and common area for 10-12 individuals will be constructed. The week began with the shells of the 4 cabins standing. They are Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) erected in a “Lego” fashion and then finished inside and out with conventional building materials.

The first week progress included: building four 6’ x 24’ decks; blue skin and strapping for metal roofing; beginning interior walls; beginning internal plumbing (all external plumbing and electrical done in advance); and beginning the staining and white-washing of 13,000 ft. of 4” pine boards!

Springstein Mennonnite Church is graciously hosting the RV participants, offering Sunday School rooms for families without a camper, and providing their kitchen and fellowship areas for all breakfasts and suppers and recreation. Camp Assiniboia provides generous lunches for all volunteers as well as allowing participation in some of their camp activities as possible. A highlight for the kids was riding the horses on the last day!

We were blessed with a week of exceptional relations, too much hot and stormy weather, excellent food and an accident-free work site. Participants included four families (one family from Nova Scotia) with a total of 15 children ages 3 -17 and one adult. Dan Wiebe is giving two weeks as Project Director and his wife Pam is providing the delicious food. Thank you!!
Finally, we praise God for this opportunity to serve and for his amazing grace, guidance and protection.

A huge thank you to our participants this week: Peter and Kathy Elias and family, Rachel Driedger and family, Raynold and Lena Penner and family, Daniel and Pam Wiebe and family, and Tony Schellenberg.

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