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Weekly Report for Bastrop Youth Project

July 18, 2016

The third week of youth volunteers was from Kansas. They came here with six full motivated youth and three sponsors. A few of their goals for the week were to work hard, sweat a lot and get dirty. We all agree that that aim was totally reached.

One crew worked three days on Mr. Willie and Ms. Connie’s house to finish installing the drywall and replace some of the doorframes. It was more complicated than expected first because of the irregular studs. The crew worked around it and finished that job. To celebrate, Ms. Connie invited them for homemade brisket. Nobody said “no” to that. The next day this crew worked on Ms. Mary’s house to install new insulation and drywall.

The chipping-crew worked this week on several different jobs. In five days they made six homeowners happy. Some big trees had to be cut down, brushe had to be collect and everything that fit was shredded by the wood-chipper. The days were long and hard and the sun was hot, but these people showed endurance and willingness to help people in need.

On Thursday evening Mr. Willie and Ms. Connie were invited for supper. Afterwards they shared their disaster story with us. Three fires and three floods hit this area within the last few years. Mr. Willie and Ms. Connie were protected every time. For them it was a miracle. Sometimes the neighbors of both sides were affected by the disaster. The last flood happened at Memorial Day weekend and this time it also hit them. Alum Creek, which borders on their property, flooded after about 30” of rain fell. Their mobile home had water about two feet high. But they are thankful for MDS who came and helped them to repair the flood damage.

The long-term group: Ike, Priscilla, Zoe, Andrew, Moritz, Stefan, Renate


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