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Weekly Report for Bastrop SYP

July 5, 2016

Report for week ending 07-01-16

MDS is back in Bastrop – this time for the Summer Youth Project. The project is set up at the Camp Wilderness Ridge in Smithville. We have four bunk trailers and two RV’s for the long-term volunteers. There is also a shower trailer, an office trailer and a kitchen trailer. The dining area is up on the hill in an open-air pavilion.

The long-term volunteers for this project are international this time. There are four people from Canada and three from Germany. All together we are hoping to give a good MDS experience to the youth and grow a next generation of volunteers.

The work planned for this youth project was originally to do some clean-up after the last fires. But then the Memorial Day weekend flood happened and MDS decided also to help with that disaster. One crew was working on the house-trailer of Mr. Willie and Mrs. Connie. They were safe when the last two fires hit their neighborhood, but the flood hit them.

The homeowners started already with mucking out the house and we came in to rip out the plywood-flooring. The other crew was working on cutting down trees and shredding them on four different properties. With temperatures around 95 degrees Fahrenheit they had to drink lots of water and got a nice suntan.

The evenings were busy with playing games, a tour guided by Ike, going to the world famous gas station named Buc-ee’s,  and  a lot of laughter.


The long-term group: Ike, Priscilla, Zoe, Andrew, Moritz, Stefan, Renate

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