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Weekly Report for Andrews

February 5, 2016

Flooding in October brought volunteers down to this area. Andrews, SC, received a deluge of 24″ of rain in a very short period of time.

January started with two weeks of quality crews from Pennsylvania and Virginia. Their purpose was to get us into our permanent home base at Trinity Christian Academy. And that is exactly what they did. They knocked down and put up walls, moved and threw out things.

They dug trenches and holes, hooked up sewer pipes and electric wires and got us up and running. In moved the Shower, Kitchen and five bunk trailers for long and short-term volunteers. The Academy has a gym for volleyball and basketball, a dining area for eating, a sitting area for conversation and games, and a place for the office. Perfect. Thank you, thank you!!

Dennis’s devotion referred to a passage in Isaiah: “…you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” Thank you, Dennis!

January’s long-term troupe of 10 performed perfectly together. Most of us have served with each other in the past and we worked like that well-oiled machine you hear about.

Our first group of short-term volunteers came from Pennsylvania and snow. They completed the work lined up for them a lot sooner than we expected that it would. The six homes signed up for repair that week are well on their way to being done. Abner helped build a walkway to and between all the trailers to keep us out of the mud. Grateful we are!

January 24 brought 18 helping hands from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana. If they thought they were coming south to get out of the cold weather, they got an unwelcome surprise. But that didn’t slow them down one bit. They bundled up and took care of every job they were given. Thank you, Lloyd and Larry, for bringing your group down to help.

We got an additional electrical pole hooked up that week, so we could stop using the generators that we had been using 24 hours/day for the previous two weeks.

Twenty-two servants’ hearts came from cold weather again; this time from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ontario. Oh, did we hate to see them go when their week of servanthood was up. Their leadership, talents, skills, abilities (I could go on and on!) will be incredibly missed. Come back! Come back!

Mr. Richard: He had a couple feet of water in his house. The wall insulation got wet and wicked up, so by the time we arrived to help, bags and bags of insulation had had already been bagged up and were sitting on the lawn. Our initial plan was to find the reason for a hump in the floor and fix it, but the work seemed to “wick up”, too.

We removed the floor and floor joists. Benuel’s guys put in new, larger windows. Part of the house was rewired and that should be complete soon. We insulated and hung drywall; currently our mudders are madly at work. When the kitchen cupboards and counters were removed, we found a hot water heater in place where a Lazy Susan would normally go, encapsulated under the counter. We took that out and put in a new one in a more convenient spot. And to show just how dedicated the crew was to get things done, exterior siding was put on IN THE RAIN. Wow! We love you guys!!

Miss Karen: The water in her house was half-way up the windows on the SECOND floor! She actually rowed her boat over her pickup truck. Oh, what a mess. We gutted her house and then boarded, mudded and sanded. Manny and his crew did a fantastic job. Her home has been primed and painted, and windows are on their way. Thank you, volunteers!

Mr. Jimmy: He had four feet of water in his home. We put up drywall and our experts finished it expertly. Menna reported that most rooms have been primed. After a week, she was pleased to see such great progress.

Mr. Greg: The three feet of water in his home stayed in there for seven days. The insulation got wet and, again, wicked higher. Others gutted his house and we came in and put in a new sub-floor and floor. We insulated, drywalled, mudded, sanded, primed and painted. A group of young ladies painted for hours for a few days to get it done. Paneling is currently being put up. Andrew reported that laminate flooring has been laid in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and hallway

Miss Emma’s 70-ft. mobile home is getting a new roof put over it. She made spare ribs for lunch for the crew and served it on a nicely set table. It was a great treat.

Mr. Michael: He is very pleased with the work that our volunteers are doing; he said he couldn’t get a contractor to do the job any better. Baseboards, casings and cabinets were installed. Harri reported that “genius” volunteer Michael handled the many-angled crown moldings excellently on the Cathedral ceiling. Mr. Michael rewarded the crew with lunch.

Isaiah 60:1 – “Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

Manny Lapp, Elmer and Mary Friesen, Phil and Kathleen Maneikis, Dennis Penner, Ray and Nicky Peters, Pete and Bev Wiebe, Norm and Ollie Wiebe