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Weekly Report for Andrews, SC

April 21, 2016

This week’s short-term volunteers (15 in total) came from Norther Pennsylvania and Manitoba, Canada. We said goodbye to Evelyn our head cook, and Marlin our Project Director and his wife Nancy who worked as an assistant cook. Ted also left after serving three weeks. Our new cook, Barbara, arrived this weekend. J. Loren has arrived to be our new Project Director.

We had a good crew this week and we were able to work on six homes, two of which were completed.

Mr. David’s flooring was completed and the trim was installed. This job is now closed, and he invited our full crew for a superior super at his restaurant in Kingstree.

Mr. Homer’s home had kitchen cabinets and trim installed. This job is now awaiting one more cabinet.

At Mr. Robert’s home we continued the siding and windows.

At Mr. Sam and Mrs. Denise’s home insulation was put in the ceiling.

At Mr. Alford’s home the roof shingles were removed and replaced. This job is now complete.

At Mrs. Rachel’s home we installed new molding and trim on the walls and ceiling.

Our cooking crew, Evelyn, Nancy, and Wendy, planned wonderful menus and, as always, the food was exceptional.

On Thursday evening Mrs. Rachel told her story of the flood and it was well received by our short-term volunteers. Our hearts go out to the people who have witnessed this disaster.

We thank all the hard work from our volunteers this week and wish them God’s Grace. Our clients wish to thank the MDS volunteers who have been the hands and feet of Jesus for a job well done.

Marlin Gingrich and Gary Zehr

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