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Weekly Report – Detroit, MI

October 24, 2016

The Detroit area project resumed this week after its summer break. The unit was able to get back on track and begin running smoothly again with experienced long term workers and talented short term workers at the site. The unit began the fall season with seven new projects.

A group of Old Order Mennonite men from Pennsylvania arrived last Sunday to help with the work in Detroit. They spent time painting, repairing, and cleaning walls that were damaged from water.

The cooks this week were Emily and Linda who prepared many kinds of different and delicious food. The kitchen and office staff took time off to work at a local food bank and helped distribute food to 168 families in the area. They are so appreciative of the Mennonites and the work being done in their community.

The group also had some down time singing four part harmony before and after the meals and they shared experiences with one another. The lives of the volunteer were richly blessed by the people they worked with and with those on their team.

Praise God for his incredible goodness to us

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