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Weekly Report – Detroit, MI

November 28, 2016

The crew was smaller this week but we are still accomplishing a lot and are working to complete some of the job cards.

Josh along with John have been working on refinishing the basement walls of a home with brick patterned paneling making the basement look very comfortable. Friedbert, Abi and Denis have been cleaning out Ms. Karen’s basement down to the red brick walls. They followed that work by scraping and painting the floor and walls. David and Denis S have been doing some small finish up jobs earlier in the week. They then started a basement project where they were cleaning out, sanitizing and rebuilding walls.

Our new cooks had an interesting week of managing a menu of products they were given at Salvation Army and Forgotten Harvest. We were volunteering at the Food Bank where they are given the option of picking more things then they could use. Each of the cooks has had this experience but they have found the situation overwhelming, as to the amount of food available and the number of people that attend the Food Bank.

Priscilla for the Long Term Team: Ike, Joshua, Friedbert, David, Abi, JoAnne, Jean.

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