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Weekly Report – Detroit, MI

November 15, 2016

The team in Detroit had a good week, which was spent with a group of hard working folks from Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. Candace, who is a Nutrition student from Bluffton, Ohio joined the team as a cook assistant and took up the role in the kitchen very eagerly. The crews also worked hard at differing tasks; cleaning up a basement that had water on the floor, replacing wallboard in a basement, and replacing a light fixture at Community Christian Fellowship which is the church the team is staying at.

Ms. Grace’s job was completed and signed off and she was so pleased. It was noted that a family member that lives with her was working on further cleanup inside the house. One of the clients asked how they could volunteer, we looked at this as encouraging and paying the volunteer assistance forward. In the evenings there was lively discussion and fun around the table playing games.

Priscilla for the Long Term Team in Detroit: Ike, Dorothy, Freidbert, Abi, David, Josh, Don

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