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Weekly Report – Corpus Christi, TX RV

February 6, 2017

It is just a week ago since Bert and I flew out of Winnipeg International Airport, in order to prepare and set up our new RV site near Corpus Christi.

It was after we passed through security, while we were waiting for our plane to start boarding, that we started a conversation with a young mom from South Carolina returning to her home, following a business trip into Winnipeg.  She was wondering about the purpose for our trip into the USA.

We proceeded to tell her that we were going on an assignment with Mennonite Disaster Service and that we were going to help repair homes in the Corpus Christi area. We also told her of some instances that we had run into over the years.  Of course, as I often do when speaking about our work, I teared up. Her response was, “You really feel very deeply about your work!”  To which I responded, “Yes, we do!”  We conversed a bit longer until our flight started to board, so we exchanged well wishes before taking our seats.

When we deplaned in Minneapolis, the lady was waiting for her “pink tagged” luggage to arrive as I walked by her, when she held out her hand and pressed a piece of paper into my hand. Thinking it was her name and address, I just said thank you and proceeded into the airport, where I took the time to look at this paper, only to find a check for $200.00 and a notation, “Jesus money”. To us this was just another affirmation that we were going with God’s blessing to do the work which had prepared for us in advance.

Upon arriving at the Minneapolis terminal, we decided to visit the same restaurant where we had eaten just over a year ago. We had met a server there last year and it was his first day on the job. We had visited with him at length last year and he shared with us that he had recently turned his life over to The Lord. We were anxious to see if John was still working there and to see how he was doing. John was not our waiter this time but our waiter said that John would be reporting for work in about five minutes.

Our waiter told John that someone he had served on his first day at this job was there to see him. John was sure he must have done something terribly wrong, that we would remember him, but, we assured him that he had not, much to his relief. When I told him that we were the people that were going on an assignment to do volunteer work, his face lit up and he said, “I remember you! You were sitting in that room back there.” He shared that he was struggling at times with old habits, but, mostly he was still on track. What a special blessing that was for us.

Our flight out of Minneapolis was delayed by two hours, because Delta’s computers were down, but, there was a kind lady sitting across the aisle from us who kept texting our friends that were coming to pick us up in Austin.

As we were approaching Austin, the lights in the plane were turned off, therefore the city lights seemed to be really bright in comparison. I could not help but see how our “world” is getting to be such a dark place, and how Christ has placed us into this “world” to be his lights.

Now our team has arrived and we are looking forward to serving The Lord together with them. God is good.

Submitted by Doreen for Corpus Christi RV


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