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Weekly Report – Corpus Christi, TX RV

February 27, 2017

The weeks keep slipping by but it’s good to know that a lot of work has been accomplished in the first three weeks of our team’s service in the Corpus Christi area. During this past week we finished up the second and third jobs that we signed up for.

Alejandro was so pleased to see the underside of his mobile home insulated and rodent proofed. Harold, Alfreda, Ray, Darlene and Paul were working in conditions that were far from ideal on Monday, due to the rain that had been coming down on Sunday and Monday. I was told stories of someone just catching herself in the nick of time, before she would have wiped out. Paul was saying, “We almost lost Alfreda.” Fortunately, Tuesday was a better day and the job could be completed. The bonus of working at this job site was the fact that you could sit on Alejandro’s patio, right beside the river while enjoying breaks.

On Tuesday, Peter and Paul started at Antonio’s house. Antonio is a 73 year old gentleman who suffered a stroke seven years ago. He finds it difficult to get around, but with the help of a care giver, he has been able to stay in his home. He has lived without hot water for nearly two years now. He is very excited at the prospect of getting his bathroom repaired and a hot water tank wired in. Peter takes on the wiring job and Paul is once again in the bathroom. I believe he is beginning to think that he will never be able to get out of “bathroom duty” for as long as he is here.

Loretta and Doreen were placed on paint detail once more, so Bert delivered some raw siding boards to our camp site and we got down to the business of painting. In the meantime, Darlene and Alfreda were doing some painting (as required) in the bathroom at Antonio’s home.

Harold and Ray, along with Alfreda and Darlene were also pulling off rotted siding at the back of Antonio’s house. This proved to be challenging due to the high temperatures and the fact that this job was located on the south side of the house, however by the end of the week it was completed.

This week were blessed to have Jerry Grosh come for a quick visit to our site. While he was here, we had the pleasure of sharing a meal with the Coastal Bend Recovery Group and also Lloyd and Irene Letkeman, who have been heading up the roofing crew. It was great to have Jerry at the site to see firsthand what it means to the local group in having support from MDS and its volunteers.

We, as a group, are really learning to enjoy each other’s company. This is evidenced by a picnic being planned by Paul & Lisa this Saturday. We enjoy socializing and working together, bringing honor and glory to The Lord, through all.

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Bert & Doreen, Ray & Darlene, Harold & Alfreda, Paul & Lisa and Peter & Loretta

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