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Weekly Report – Corpus Christi, TX RV

February 20, 2017

Three years ago I challenged my neighbor (who quilts very well) to join our MDS team (virtually), by making a quilt every year and sending it along with me when we go to serve with MDS. It is then my responsibility (and privilege), to find a suitable recipient for this quilt.

This year it did not take me long to determine who would be the fortunate recipient of this gift, so lovingly made and donated by my friend. Mary was so thrilled and encouraged when she received this gift. I wish my friend could have felt the hugs and seen the tears that Mary shed, when she saw that beautiful handmade quilt that will now serve as a source of encouragement to her on a daily basis.

Our team was able to finish the last of the improvements to Mary’s house and the room that showed the biggest improvement was the bathroom. The reinforced bathroom floor was now covered with new sheet vinyl, the walls studs have been reinforced, new tub surround and grab bars have been applied, and a new vanity (with fittings) was installed. There is much more that could have been done, but we rejoice in the fact, that Mary’s home is a much safer place than when we arrived two weeks ago.

When the job was done and the job card was signed off, Mary again gave me a big hug and whispered, “Now I am going to wash some curtains and hang them up,” into my ear. Mike said he was going to buy some paint to paint the old windows. It is so rewarding to see glimpses of “hope” returning into their hearts and minds.

As work at Mary’s was dwindling, Peter & Loretta and Ray & Darlene, began working at our second project, for Alejandro. This house is a mobile home that is elevated by approximately six feet. The home experienced a lot of water leaks before the roof was replaced, and it has left its marks inside as well as below the floor level. Whatever insulation was underneath the floor was in need of removal and replacement. This was not “pretty,” but our volunteers got right to work, and by the end of the week, they had made good progress on the exterior work that needed to be done.

Bert and I spent Thursday meeting with the Long Term Recovery people, meeting new clients and signing job cards for upcoming projects. We are sure that we will not run out of work even though we have a good group of volunteers working hard every day.  We are blessed with good health to be able to serve as “The Hands and Feet of Jesus” at this time and in this place.

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Bert & Doreen, Harold & Alfreda, Ray & Darlene, Paul & Lisa and Peter & Loretta

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