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Weekly Report – Corpus Christi, TX RV

February 14, 2017

I love the slogan that MDS volunteers wear on the back of their shirts, which says, “Rebuilding Hope!” Hope is something that is in very short supply when your ceilings are caving in and your home is no longer a haven and a shelter from the elements. The MDS group that has gone ahead of our team, that has been fixing roofs, has started the process of rebuilding “Hope”.

When we met our first client, Mary was quick to tell me that she was a believer.  She said, “I always kept on praying that something good would happen, but my husband had given up all hope.”  She got to the point where she was just afraid of rain, when they had been setting up buckets and pans all over the place. Now with the roof repaired that at least is one concern that she no longer needs to carry, however, to repair the damage that has occurred over the years, is totally beyond what she and Mike can do themselves.  This leaves them with little or no hope.

Usually when your physical conditions are difficult, there are often also health and personal issues that crop up, leaving you more hopeless and helpless. This is true in the homeowner’s case as well, and so it has been a huge blessing for Mary to be able to talk with our volunteers and to have someone listen to her heart. She says “I never invite anyone into my house.  I am too ashamed for anyone to see how bad it is.” This causes them to be isolated from anyone who might be a support to them and it kills any ray of hope that tries to exist.

The funds over here are very limited for us to make the improvements that are needed in order to do the kind of job that we would like to, however, we have to see how we can best help make their home safe and more secure.

This past week, our team has replaced a front window, filled sheetrock into the gaping holes of the ceiling and reinforced another ceiling before hanging new sheetrock on it. The bathroom, which had about three layers of rugs layered across the floor to keep the owners from stepping through the rotted out floor, has had some new joists and boards put down. Wall tile that had virtually nothing to cling to have been taken down and had the walls reinforced before a new tub surround and hand rails can be installed. The list goes on, but progress is evident, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We have a great group of volunteers who are committed to serving as the “Hands and feet of Jesus” to “Rebuild homes and hope.” What a privilege it is for us to serve alongside this team.

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