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Weekly Report – Conway, S.C.

April 10, 2017

On Monday Jim and Linda Showalter joined our group and met the owner of the home we’re working at along with Everett and Bev Moore, and Bill and Juanita Rupp. Our Project Director, Ron Murray is helping homeowner Brenda make choices for purchasing cabinets and paint colors, so that he can get the materials and keep our small crew busy this month.

Brenda has not been able to live in her home this past year and has been living with relatives. She is highly allergic to mold and so doctor orders are that she should not be exposed to it.

Her floor had been replaced by another volunteer group but there is much repairing for our group to do and the windows also need to be replaced. We have been painting with Kilz paint as a primer, and are painting the walls and doors with a top coat.

MDS seniors are hard workers and really want to complete her home in the eight working days that we have left, so we volunteered to work an extra day on Saturday.

Although we had severe storm warnings Wednesday night, the weather front blew through, so the tornados in the area did not touch down. The next day was clear and sunny. It’s always nice to be able to paint doors and trim outside on sawhorses.

Ron and Joanne enjoyed a day off on Saturday to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary.

Respectfully submitted by Joanne Murray, Office Manager for Everett and Bev Moore, Ron and Joanne Murray Bill and Juanita Rupp, and Jim and Linda Showalter

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