Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Oct 7-11, 2019

October 16, 2019

Although the weather has been extremely warm here in Florida the four of us her at Chipley have been doing well.  We did ceiling repair and repaired the back door, and repaired some rotted floors in the home of Patricia Schackleford.  On Thursday morning we had a brief house blessing before going on to the home of Charlene Smith to start working on her home.  Pat was ever so grateful for the help that she received.  She was most excited about being able to use her back door again making it much easier to get to her back yard to feed her rabbits, chickens, and dogs.  

At Charlene’s the two guys put up the soffit at the back of the house and the we gals trimmed away the brush from around the decks that will be replaced.  Then we tore away the middle deck connecting the other 2 decks.  We will not finish this home until later when we have other volunteers with us.  

Next week we will go to another site and do repair of ceilings.  

We took a drive to Mexico Beach about and hour from here which is where the eye of Hurricane Michael hit a year ago.  There is much building going on in the area but oh so much that is still totally gone.  The had a celebration this last weekend to celebrate the progress and community that is working together to make it strong again.  It is evident that teamwork is working. 

A lady stopped me in the parking lot of Walmart and asked me if I was a volunteer.  She was looking for someone that may be coming to build her new home.  She stated that she has been living with her sister for the last year in a one bedroom apartment and the sister said that it was getting a bit much.  At that point I was wishing I was one of the ones that was going to help build her a new home.  

Norm and Carolyn and Tim and Sherry