Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Oct 14-18, 2019

October 31, 2019

Another week has gone by so swiftly but the six of us here at Chipley have been blessed with willing hands and feet.  2 are from IL, 2 from NY and 2 from Pa.  The work week weather was much better as it had cooled to the upper 70’s and lower 80’s.  On Monday when the group was still only 4 they went to the home of Wanda Bland to find that relatives had gone to Chipley to get Wanda from work as her mother had passed away.  She told Norm that she wanted us to go ahead with our work on her ceilings.  She was so overjoyed with the results so far.  Sherry painted the repaired ceilings and visited with Wanda at the same time.  These are the times that we find so important in doing what we do.  Sharing with the clients is just as important to them and us as the fixing up from their home.  

The guys went to the next home that was not far away.  At the home of Ida Mae Hogan, an aunt of Wanda’s a gable end of her home needed to be repaired to make her home safe again.  She was very afraid the rodents would get into the house so finally getting this fixed was very important to her.

After lunch the group went back to the home of Charlene Smith and discovered that there was a leak in the new roof ( this was the first time it had rained since the roof had been put on.)  Tim and Norm sealed all of the vents on the roof and since it was to rain again in the night we would know if the seals had been the answer.  

Tuesday about 4 o’clock Ray and Mim Heisey arrived from Pa.  Two more hands will make a great difference in our capabilities.  For the rest of the week we again went to Charelen’s and worked on the soffit and fascia and by Thursday at the end of the day it was all done except for a few pieces.  The bathroom ceilings have been repaired and ready for paint this next week.   

Another interesting weekend was in store for us as we were in a tropical storm warning.  The storm with heavy rains and high winds were heading right for our camp.  We tied down all that was possible and prayed for the best.  God is good as the storm headed further east and we were spared everything but some much needed rain.  What a God we serve.

Tim and Sherry, Ray and Mim, and Norm and Carolyn