Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Nov 4-8, 2019

November 12, 2019

Well, I believe winter has arrived even here in Florida.  It is interesting to hear the locals complain about the terrible cold weather when in reality it is quite warm to the many places from which we come.  Actually we have had so very cool mornings but the sun soon warms it up and the heavy shirts are soon taken off.  This next week will challenge us to keep the pipes from freezing but with only one morning in the 30’s. (we hope that this time the weathermen are correct)

Our work is going very well and this week we closed out 2 more homes.  The bathroom at the James Hunter home was completed and a new back door was cut to fit and installed.  Good job Tim .  Mim, thank you for the terrific job of cleaning the bathtub and shower.  Yes, Awesome is awesome.   Ray and Tim painted the living room ceiling after repairing the holes and moving much from around the walls.  

Work was also begun and finished at the home of Aggie Davis. On Wed we moved to the home of Teresa Ellis where we were supposed to remove and replace the ceilings that we damaged in the hurricane.  This is a beautiful two story home that she was raised in and now since her mother has passed she now owns.  It has 10 foot high ceilings so an ordinary step ladder will not do.  Wed afternoon the guys took out the old ceilings and on Thursday Ray and Ted ( and Norm in the morning) put up the new drywall in the dining room. Thank you, MDS for a nice drywall jack.   Carolyn, Sherry and Mary were intending to paint the living room ceiling on Thursday but when we arrived and took stock of the situation we realized there were seams that were never taped.  Therefore, Mary spent the day scrapping,  taping and mudding the ceiling.   After the furniture was moved to a guest bedroom we found that the windows and baseboard paint was badly chipped so Sherry and Carolyn scraped and sanded them and then painted.  When Teresa came home she nearly shouted,  “oh my goodness you painted my ugly windows.  They were so bad.  Thank  you, thank you.”  Next week we will continue to tape and mudd the rest of the living room and dining room  so they can be painted.  Some of the 10 will move on to another home near Vernon.  

On Friday eve. the whole group enjoyed going  to the Chipley Community Theater to see the play “BIG RIVER: THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN.  This theater is the last of the all volunteer theaters in Florida and has been in existence for twelve years.  The 12 local cast members were very talented including several school kids.

Norm and Carolyn, Ray and Mim, Tim and Sherry, Bernie and Agnes, and Ted and Mary

Agnes and Mim cleaning up at the Hunter house before leaving
Tim rebuilding the door to fit