Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Nov 25-29, 2019

December 4, 2019

December is here already, and it will soon be time to close for Christmas; it seems as though we just got started.  The nine of us are working on the 11th house and hope to finish before we leave for Christmas.  We are hoping that this week we will get the siding put on but the weather for Monday sounds like rain so our plans will likely change.  We have finished the drywall on the ceiling and walls in the kitchen at Wayne’s house.  There is a small amount of sanding yet to be done and then painting will begin.  The kitchen had to be demolished before we began to restore.  The back wall of the home was sinking badly and was not touching the floor in the kitchen.  Stan, Tim, and Norm jacked up the wall and pulled it in so that it was level and then reinforced it to make it solid again.  One section of the wall was missing, and a tarp had been stuffed into the hole to keep out the rain so that was removed, and a new wall inserted in its place.  Carolyn, Val, and Sherry took off the remaining pieces of old siding on the back of the house and then pulled all the nails.  The challenge in doing this is that the back of the home is 6 feet off the ground and slops downhill badly.  Since the soil is sand the ladders tend to sink into the ground quickly.  Lynn repaired the rotted ceiling in the corner of the bathroom and was accompanied by a frog while he worked.  This whole ceiling will be painted this week.  New electrical boxes were put in and new wiring installed for more lighting.  When Norm asked what Wayne thought about all of the room he now had in the kitchen and if he was going to put everything back in( it had been really full of unneeded items)  Wayne said “no I’m done with that and I’m going to get rid of the rest of this junk in the LR also.” The new stove and new flooring is yet to be done and hope that is another boost for him.

On Monday, we had a very meaningful house blessing at the home that we finished last week.  Sheila and her family were so appreciative of the work that he been done.  She had the dining room table all set with beautiful dishes and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the corner making the house sparkle and inviting. 

She was presented with a very nice wall hanging which will look nice on her new gray walls. 

On Friday after our breakfast Tim and Sherry packed up ready to head north to NY. praying that the weather will allow them to travel safely.  God speed guys.  Then later in the afternoon, Duane and Jean pulled into the vacant spot and again we have 9 volunteers – 4 from IN, 2 from IL, 1 from PA, and 2 from CA. 

Bernie and Agnes, Tim and Sherry, Lynn and Val, Stan, and Norm and Carolyn