Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Nov 18-22, 2019

November 27, 2019

Our groups have finished their 9th house project since the beginning of Oct.  God instructs us to work together as a team even though we come from many backgrounds and have very different gifts.  That is so evident in the groups we have had.  Many hands and willing hearts have completed things that at  first seemed impossible,  This week the team from PA, CA, NY, IN, and IL have finished the home of Shelia Davis and began another home for Paul Robinson.  Bernie and Agnes worked hard to finish the bathroom at Shelia’s.  A new vanity, another cabinet, and new sub floor and flooring were installed.  By the time the baseboards were in and caulked, it really was a new bathroom – safe again with running water.  Val painted the kitchen cabinets with Carolyn adding the final touches.  We laid the new vinyl flooring in the dining room kitchen and laundry room and front entrance completing a very updated look.  All of the painting in the living room and kitchen was done by the ladies Agnes, Sherry, Carolyn, and Val.  Shelia keeps saying she is so excited to have such new modern things. “All of the burners on the different stove work and all of the cabinet doors close properly.”  The washer and the dryer were put back in place. Now it is up to Shelia and her family to try to restore order to the kitchen by finding everything they hurriedly removed for us to work.  We will have a house blessing there on Monday.  

The work at Paul’s is both ceiling and floor.  The ceiling was so wet after the hurricane that it fell and the floor rotted through.  The three Robinson’s have been living with  these conditions for the past year.  We hope to finish this house this coming week and be off to the next one that will be a bit more extensive, hopefully getting it done by the time we leave for Christmas.

After our usual Thursday night potluck, we all enjoyed a mini concert by Stan Yoder on the violin.  We did not stump him on any of our requests.  What a blessing to have such an accomplished musician on our team.

Saturday morning we all went to the Falling Waters State Park here in Chipley.  The falls are noted as the highest falls in Florida. (73 feet) It is really that high because it falls into a sink hole making it look extremely high.  There are many sinkholes in this park.  It was so nice and warm to be out in God’s creation and seeing such wondrous works.

Norm and Carolyn, Tim and Sherry, Bernie and Agnes, Lynn and Val, and Stan