Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Nov 11-15, 2019

November 18, 2019

Changes have taken place here at in our group as Ray and Mim left for home in Pa. and Ted and Mary had to head home to MI. We will miss both of these couples badly but Saturday brought new people to fill the empty spots.  Lynn and Val Kipfer from IN and Stan Yoder from PA. (No Ted not the one you knew)  We are looking forward to making new friends as we work together.  It was certainly a surprise when introducing ourselves that we found out that my niece Jill had done some babysitting for Val and Lynn’s children when they were small.  God created a very large world but at times it seems like it is smaller than we think.  

We again completed another home this week and had a house blessing there on Thursday afternoon.  We had to postpone it a little while to put the final touches on a chandelier that was purchased by the homeowner.  It had many many pieces and took all of us to put them all on the center part.  Teresa felt her mother was looking down from heaven and feeling so good to see it hanging above the table with all of the light it provided.

Work continued at the home of Shelia Davis.  Agnes and Carolyn continued to paint and got the dining room done and most of the kitchen.  Ted, Bernie, and Ray worked at replacing a vanity in the master bathroom.  Shelia had purchased the new vanity and it was to large for the space so the guys cut it down and refit the plumbing.  There was a lot of water under the carpeting that was removed so they had to wait until the floor dried out before installing it permanently.  Ray finished the trim in the kitchen so this coming week the trim and the upper cabinets will be cleaned and painted.  Then the floor can be installed.  When the stove was brought in Shelia said oh that has to be replaced as only one burner is working. (she had another one but the guys did not know it and so out went the old one again and in with the working one.  Lots of steps to negotiate but the guys made light work of it.  Before we left we had a prayer with Shelia’s son who was to have surgery on Friday.

Norm and Carolyn, Ray and Mim, Tim and Sherry, Bernie and Agnes, Ted and Mary