Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – March 1-5, 2021

March 15, 2021

We are growing in number here in Chipley, FL!!  Steve has returned after being with his mother as she passed from this earth to her eternal home with our Lord.  We are blessed with the addition of Stan & Sue Thomas, Hollsopple, PA.  We just received word from Lititz that we will be adding another couple, Weldon (Gene) & LuEtta Friesen, Goshen, IN, this weekend.  This is awesome news as the job we just started is large and the added hands will be a wonderful.  More on that after an update on our last job at Johnell Andrews.  Attached are pictures of the small house blessing we had at the completion of her house.  She loves the Lord and was an encourager to us while we helped her.   Her home is now more secure with a new back wall on the house.

Tuesday, we started renovating Deborah Hughes house that has been vacant since hurricane damage two years ago.  In the past contractors started renovating but for unknown reasons suddenly abandoned the job.  We will be doing walls, ceilings, floors, plumbing & electrical in many of the rooms in the house.  Because of the setting where the house is located & the abundance of rain, several vehicles have needed to be pulled out of the mud & a water line to the house was broken in the process, but like the utility person said, “It’s all for a reason”!  Steve & Pam have been renovating the bed & bath rooms; the ceilings, walls, & plumbing.  Stan & Sue have been doing the dining room ceiling, walls & floors.

As part of our contract with Miracle Valley Spirit of Holiness Fellowship Church, MVSHFC, the back of their dorm building needed siding placed.  Being that it was three stories high we were unable to do it; Storm Aide came to our rescue with beautiful results as you can see by the picture.    

From currently sunny Florida, Steve, Pam, Stan, Sue, Fred & Millie 

Dorm Building of MVSHFC that Storm Aide sided
Steve diligently working to make Deborah’s house beautiful again
Pam diligently working to make Deborah’s house beautiful again