Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Mar 9-13, 2020

April 2, 2020

Emails bring joy, news, (both good and bad) praise, etc. Thursday late evening we received a shocking email that told us all MDS project sites were to close on Friday, March 13th.  Norm read it and said, “You had better read this to see if I am reading it right.”  What do we do now, we questioned? We can’t leave Queenal with no house to live in, but do we have a choice? All kinds of questions ran through our minds with no real answers.  We were so close to being finished.  Norm said, “I must get it livable for her. “After several hours we decided that this fussing and worrying was not necessary because God was in control and we just had to wait on his answers.  Although we did not sleep much, we still had the faith that there would be an answer in the morning.  Early in the morning Norm made some phone calls to the office and found out there was to be a conference call at 10:30 AM and more information would be given at that time.  (Norm had asked for another week so we could complete the home of Queenal Jones) After the call we know the answer – we had been given 2 days to complete the work.  The group held a meeting, and everyone decided that they were going to stay and help us finish the job.  God is so good.

The decision being made we will start Monday morning with a goal of getting this home ready to move into.  That means that the 12 of us will work together to screw down the counter tops, put in the kitchen sink, finish the shower, lay the floors, and any of the trim we have time to do.  It may mean some extra-long days, but we are committed.  After that we will clean up the vehicles, tool trailer and tie up the office work so that we can deliver everything to Marianna.  Some will start home on Thursday or before. 

On Thursday noon, Queenal cooked us a very good meal of fried chicken, greens, corn, and fried cornbread.  She was so pleased to do this for us, she said, ” I still love to cook especially if I can do it for those I love and I love each and every one of you.”

We want to say that we have the leaders of MDS in our prayers as they have had to make these difficult decisions and know that they have our health as their concern.  We pray that all will be able to travel home safely with God as their guide and protector. As Norm always says, “Until we meet again.”

Norm and Carolyn, Duane and Jean, Bernie and Agnes, Dave and Jane, Stan and Sue, and Ron and Joanne