Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Jan 6-10, 2020

January 14, 2020

Our first week of work back in Chipley, Fl has come and gone with a lot of work accomplished.  The 10 of us from IL, IA, IN, MB, BC, and ON worked at a home in Wawsaw about nine miles from camp. The home of Robert Pettis was completed during the week. Robert had done much of the work but needed help as his wife was going to have knee surgery and the work needed to be completed before she went to the hospital.  We put in a new high riser toilet and put down new flooring in the bathroom, took up carpeting in this bathroom and in the bedroom. The bedroom also got new flooring.  There was a lot of trim that he had removed when he put in new walls (they had been soaked with rain when the roof had leaked after the hurricane). We put down all new floor trim throughout the house, lots of upper trim, and painted all the trim.  During the time that we were there, Robert’s mother-in-law became critically ill and was hospitalized, so his wife was keeping vigil at the hospital. God is so good to put us there at just the right time.

Marc and Vernon worked at the home of Ronald Harvey.  He is building a home that started out as a pole shed.  When a tree split his home in half during the hurricane, he decided he had to have a new home so now the pole shed is going to be a large home.  Ronald had an accident several years ago while at work. He had surgery to repair what could be repaired but chose not to have the extensive surgery that had no guarantees that it would be successful and could cause complete paralysis. He works hard and does as much as he can. He also runs a fish and tackle and bait shop to earn a living.  It is such an inspiration to see him in action. Marc and Vernon, with the help of Jim at the end of the week, finished putting the ceiling on the large porch.  Then the guys put up the rest of the siding on the one side of the house.  Jan and Carolyn cleaned up all the rooms in the house and piled the lumber and extra supplies in the center of the rooms so that another group will come in and do the plumbing and electrical work next week.  The goal of our project coordinator, Josh, is to have this home finished by the end of March.  It is over 2000 square feet of space. 

Next week we will go to another home and if the weather cooperates, we will work on redoing the outside of this home.  The homeowner’s husband started to fix up the home after the hurricane but has since passed away and she has been unable to finish the work on her own. We will be replacing some of the outer walls, painting, and putting up siding. If it rains as forecast, we will go to the house a bit further down the road and do inside work.  There is still so much work to do from the hurricane of Oct 2018.  Pray that our health holds out as we continue to serve. 

Norm and Carolyn, Duane and Jean, Jim and Jan, Mary and Vernon, Bernie and Agnes, and Marc