Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 21, 2020

The weather was great for getting lots of outdoor work done this week.  Our group of 10 working at the home of Rosemary Burkett finished repairing the outer walls and soffit and fascia.  The ladies scrapped the old siding and then painted it.  Jim and Marc finished putting up a new ceiling on the porch and sided the wall there.  Vernon and Bernie put new siding on one side of the house and on the addition on the back side.  Duane put in a new door in the addition and helped with the siding.  On Thursday, Carolyn, Jean and Jan removed the green mold from the front siding and porch while Agnes finished up painting the fascia and soffit.  When we were finished what started out looking like an unfinished shed now looked like a nice house.  Rosemary and her furry friends now have a safe secure place to reside. 

Tuesday evening, we were treated to a meal of pizza and salad and dessert by Catholic Charities with whom we work as our money provider.  A World Renew group from Michigan was staying here at the camp in the guest house so we were included in the evening meal with them.  

On Wednesday, Carolyn and Jean went to another home where we will work next week.  There they painted lots of trim and doors that will be put up soon.  This home was being renovated by the homeowner but was only partially finished. We will be helping her to get it finished so that they can move back in.  They are presently spending part of the time in a RV on the property and the rest in the half-finished house.  The children range in age from 3 to 14. 

On Friday our group was invited to the home of Dan Yoder, (the Florida coordinator for hurricane Michael) and his wife Rhoda.  We enjoyed a southern fish fry meal with Dan frying the pan fish, fillets, and shrimp and hush puppies.  Rhoda made a wonderful bowl of cheese grits, slaw, and baked beans.  Dessert was provided by Paul Yoder who is from Tiskilwa, IL. and was a friend of our Marc Plank and knew Norm. We visited and related what we used to do and how we heard about MDS and where we have worked with the organization.  The new MDSers asked questions of Dan and we all learned more about each other and the area. We who like birds had a wonderful experience as their back-yard feeders (many of them) were filled with finches and cardinals.   This coming week we are going to have a much colder work week as the temperatures in the morning on Monday and Tuesday are to be in the 20’s and 30’s.  By the weekend the normal temperatures are to return.

Norm and Carolyn, Duane and Jean, Jim and Jan, Bernie and Agnes. Vernon and Mary, and Marc