Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Feb 3-7, 2020

February 11, 2020

Production was the name of the game this week here at Chipley RV.  Work was completed at the home of Michelle Newton and at the home of her father and mother Mike and Anne Ross.  A house blessing will be combined and held later.  Yes, there is more work at both places but Michelle could not get the materials right away so we finished what we could, and she will likely do the siding and installation of the kitchen floor later.  At Mike’s house a new roof was put on in the last week by WORLD RENEW and then we put flooring in 4 rooms and a hallway.   Monday morning 2 people will go back and do some minor mudding and painting.

 On Thursday most of the group went to the home of Mike Creamer to start tearing out damaged ceilings, walls, and flooring.  Much of the demo work was done by the end of the day and next week we will replace all the areas removed.  Since the storm of 2018 there was a lot of mold built up in this home so first mold remediation had to be done.  Mr. and Mrs. Creamer have been living in the home with this dangerous situation.

Tues 3 ladies went to Ron Harvey’s to paint the primer on the ceilings.  We were surprised that even though they were exhausted and had sore muscles, they completed the job. Also, several of the group went to the new build on Wed and painted all the ceilings with their final coat of paint, Vern and Marc started to put the primer on the walls.  

Next week our group from IL, IN, OH, IA, and Canada will tackle another home where we will paint all the rooms in the house and put in new floors. As in most of the homes in this area the roof was destroyed in the hurricane and since this home just got the ceilings replaced last week (a group from WORLD RENEW) the interior was pretty much ruined. This morning in our sermon we were reminded as Christians we need to prayer evangelical prayers since Christ wants us to spread the good news to all.  So please pray for this homeowner and for our team as we work in her home.

Norm and Carolyn, Duane and Jean. Bernie and Agnes, Vernon and Mary, Tim and Cindy, and Marc