Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Feb 1-5, 2021

February 9, 2021

Here in Chipley, FL, we are experiencing fluctuating weather, cold at night, cold during the day except when the sun is shining and it warms right up, (which isn’t often enough to suit our human desires)!  We have had a turnaround of our volunteers; Lynn & Val Kipfer left the end of last week and Ken & Suetta Hollinger from Engadine, MI became a part of us.  Steve & Pam Haskins had committed for the month of January but love it so much they are staying until we close the end of March!  PTL! 

Last week we began work on Teri Mcphail’s house which had been severely damaged by a large tree falling on it during hurricane Michael.  A new roof had been placed but interior damage was not addressed.  So, we set to work repairing the exterior wall and have started repairs in two bedrooms, the kitchen, Living room and the bathroom.  Ceilings and walls have been or are in the process of being insulated, sheet rocked, taped, sanded and painted.  Teri is so appreciative of all that is being accomplished and loves to liven up pictures, as you can see! 

Steve & Fred spent Saturday morning repairing the end gate of the tool trailer which by the needed repairs spoke of much heavy use over the past years.

Fred & Steve repairing end gate.
Teri (homeowner), Pam & Val.
Lynn & Fred sheet rocking.
Pam painting the wall around the Prayer Tree.