Chipley, FL RV – Weekly Report – Dec 2-6, 2019

December 10, 2019

We will begin our last week of the fall project with a house blessing at the home of Myrus Wayne Strickland.  The finishing touches of some threshold work, and a few other minor details will need to be done before we can have the blessing, but God has helped us make a much safer and secure home for Wayne.  The kitchen came together nicely and with the addition of siding and skirting the home was whole again.  He now has a working kitchen with solid floors, and an outside wall that is again tight and level with the other walls.  The water from the shower no longer runs down between the walls and new plumbing making it possible to use the wash machine again without running the hose out the window.  Norm and Carolyn took cases of MRE’s to Family Services in Panama City on Friday.  (These were found unopened and stacked in the half bath) Family Services was so happy to have them as they were about to run out and they serve them to the homeless in Panama City.  These people have jobs but no homes to go to since the hurricane destroyed their homes in Oct of 2018.  There are Panama City residents still living in tents or FEMA trailers since this hurricane. 

This next week the nine of us will try to get 2 more home checked off of the list as they are small jobs of repairing more ceilings (new roofs have been put on but ceiling work is still to be done before the home are considered completed.  Even though they seem like small jobs to us they are major to the homeowners. 

Darin Bontrager from Lititz, region 2 coordinator, and Dan Yoder, coordinator for this area of Florida, came to visit us on Saturday afternoon and took us to dinner at a seafood restaurant in Fountain, Fl.  We enjoyed the company of 4 volunteers from the Mariana unit.  It is always nice to hear what other projects are doing.  On the way across route 20 we witnessed huge areas with hundreds of trees broken off and yet to be cleared.    God created the earth in one week and took much of it out in a few hours.  What a reminder for us as to reminded of our all-powerful God. 

The sad part of this week coming week comes at the end when it is time to bid everyone farewell.  Norm and Carolyn are so lucky to have 2 of our couples coming back for the winter project.  Safe travels to all the MDS volunteers as they go home to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Norm and Carolyn, Bernie and Agnes, Stan, Lynn and Val, Duane and Jean