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Weekly Report – Calaveras County, Calif.

January 13, 2017

We arrived at Camp Lodestar and spent the week getting settled. We’ve not had a lot of that California sunshine that we heard about but we have had a lot of rain, the kind that hopefully can help end the drought this area has been dealing with for the last number of years.

The long-term volunteers are all here, working to get camp ready. We’ve also had a lot of fun together so far and are already feeling like family. Could it be because we are all Canadians?! The camp is in a beautiful setting in the mountains with gorgeous pine and cedar trees. The buildings are a bit spread out but our step counters are happy and we (those of us who have this app on our phones) compare notes at the end of the day.

We have done a lot of cleaning in both the long term housing as well as the short term housing. The cooks have the kitchen looking very clean and ready for cooking that delicious food our volunteers have come to expect.

The place we’re staying is normally a summer camp so there is no insulation in any of the buildings and so the heaters have been working steadily to keep us warm. We have dismantled bunk beds and made doubles out of them in preparation for volunteers.

The Project director with the help of Bill McCoy was introduced to the homeowners and the other necessary individuals to make this this project run smoothly. The foundations for two homes were poured before Christmas and so our crew leaders spent the day out at the sites making sure that everything was in order for the first group of volunteers to arrive.

Kerry, Jo, Terry, Marlene, Cornie, Jon, Marvin, Melissa, Leonard

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