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Weekly Report – Bastrop, TX

October 24, 2016

The Bastrop RV crew continues to make daily progress on the home of Ms. Etta who is getting more excited about the changes occurring in her house as she loves to show her friends and family the daily updates being made.

This past week all the painting except for two doors were finished. The painting process was speeded up because of the low overhead ceiling so Carol, Dorothy, and Doreen did not need as many ladders to finish.

Dennis and Joanne kept busy this week reinforcing floor joists and putting on new floor sheathing. They then proceeded to the bathroom where there were walls that needed to be re-sheathed.

Alf kept busy trimming doors and putting in moldings to cover up gaps that still existed where things were somewhat “less than square!”

Keith and Bert were preparing the floor for the new vinyl, which they started to install on Thursday.

The homeowner could hardly contain her excitement when she saw the flooring down in her bedroom. The reality of her moving back home is really beginning to set in.  The other reality that is also setting in (which she is not as excited about), is the fact that the group will be leaving when the job is done. They have all grown very fond of each other.

Bert & Doreen, Keith & Carol, Dennis & Joanne and Alf & Dorothy

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