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Weekly Report – Bastrop, TX

October 31, 2016

The RV crew in Bastrop, TX put the finishing touches on Ms. Etta’s home. They concluded the project by putting the flooring and trim boards on and hooking up the plumbing. It has been such a rewarding experience for the crew to see the house come together.

Ms. Etta signed off on the job card despite her reluctance to see the crew leave. Before the team left Ms. Etta and her friends fixed them a big lunch that they served to them in her newly finished home.

The next job will be working at is the home of Ms. Linda, very close to the previous home that was worked on. This house is much newer and larger than the first house was so this will take more painting and flooring repairs to complete the project. The carpeting has already been removed but all the vinyl tiles need to be removed as well before anything else can happen.  The tiles come off easily enough, but the adhesive has been reactivated by the water that was in the house during the flood. This has left a sticky mess that needs to be scraped off the floors.

It was a good week of work but everyone was worn out come Friday evening. This week the crew was saddened to hear that Dorothy’s sister-in-law was seriously ill and then passed away. They cried together with them and prayed for them before they left for Canada to be with the rest of their family at the funeral service later this coming week.  The team has really become a close family and they thank God that he brought them all together.

Bert & Doreen, Alf & Dorothy, Keith & Carol and Dennis & Joanne

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