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Weekly Report – Bastrop, TX

February 14, 2017

Our new couples arrived at camp for February and went to work. At the Washington House Don and Anita started laying ceramic tile in the TV room. It took two days to install the tile and then they had to let the glue dry before grouting could begin. Val and Wayne finished the laminate flooring in the other rooms. Roger finished all the baseboard and trim in the Washington House.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday most of the crew went to the Ramiriz House, which is a double-wide trailer. Everyone ripped up carpet and removed staples from the floor in preparation for laminate flooring. Keith started tearing down an old ramp and began laying out the new 32 ft. ramp.

On Wednesday Val and Wayne began the laminate floor. Anita was cleaning up the floors and old carpet to stay ahead of Val and Wayne. Don, Roger and Keith dug holes for the posts for the new ramp. They installed the posts and braced them by pouring concrete in the holes around the posts.

Ina spent most of the day cleaning the office trailer. The problem was the hundreds of lady bugs had invaded the office trailer. On Thursday Ina helped Dottie and Keith get their airplane tickets for them to go to the All-Unit Meeting in Asheville, NC.

Wayne and Val continued installing the laminate flooring on Thursday. Roger, Don and Keith started installing the boards for the ramp while Anita began cutting the spindles.

During the weekend Don and Anita played golf and went to the Amish Mennonite Church in Bastrop. Roger and Ian visited their daughter in Austin. Wayne and Val spent the weekend in San Antonio with Paul and Lisa from Corpus Christi. Dottie and Keith flew to North Carolina to the All-Unit Meeting. It was a relaxing, but busy weekend after a busy week of work and restoring homes.

Submitted by Dottie Reed
For Ina, Roger, Wayne, Val, Don, and Anita

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