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Weekly Report – Andrews, SC

October 24, 2016

The RV project in Andrews, South Carolina is continuing its work. The crew is working at repairing the home of Yolanda Burrows whose residence sustained water and wind damage from Hurricane Matthew.

Burrows is incredibly thankful for the support saying “It’s a blessing, that’s the conclusion. It’s a blessing.” She adds that “If I’m being helped it allows me to assist others in getting help who didn’t receive it.”

Last week the group finished repairing soft spots in the living room and bedroom floors and then laid the laminate in the bedroom. Kilz was used on the ceiling to fix areas that were damaged by water and then once that was fixed volunteers painted the ceilings in the bedroom, living room, and master bathroom.

This coming week the leaking tub will be replaced with a shower stall and flooring will be laid in the bathroom. All the floors throughout the house need to be replaced so this process will begin.

The crew is anticipating getting more done this week as they are receiving two more couples to help. Bill and Juanita joined them last Wednesday and Agnes and Bernie arrived on Saturday.

Norm and Carolyn, Fred and Millie, Nelson and Patty, Bernie and Agnes, Bill and Juanita

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