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Weekly Report – Andrews, SC

January 11, 2017

The Maneikises and Friesens arrived in Andrews, SC, on January 2, 2017. We settled in at the Trinity United Methodist Church parsonage right away. TUMC was very generous in offering us the use of this home once again.

Our first job was to move the kitchen and shower trailers back to the Trinity Christian Academy campus. The decks that we built last year were still there and it was amazing how Phil and Elmer backed those trailers exactly where they were before.

Then five FEMA trailers were moved in, and they will house the cooks (we like to keep them close to camp!) and the weekly volunteers that come to help. A neighbor loaned us his bucket tractor to move them in.

Next, a personal Fifth Wheel and a semi full of tools arrived, the tools being expertly organized by those great MDS volunteers and employees in Pennsylvania. Greg, whose house we worked on last year, showed up with his semi-tractor and moved that trailer into place.

Gas, water, sewer and electricity were filled and hooked up. A new and larger LP “pig” was brought in so the volunteers would be assured of not running out of gas and keeping warm on the chilly nights. Elmer put up a wonderful yard light so the entire area is all lit up now.

It rained off and on for a few days, so the ground was pretty wet. A couple trucks got stuck and had to be pulled out.

Abi, put the walk-way back in by the shower trailer, so clean feet won’t get muddy after getting washed up. He was so dedicated that he worked on it in the rain and snow.

Mary cleaned and organized everything to get the camp up and running. We wouldn’t have been ready to receive volunteers if it wasn’t for her hard work and diligence.

We ran into “old” friends that we met last year at this time. One evening dinner for the entire crew was bought for us when we went to Antonio’s for excellent Italian food.

Phil met with future clients and signed up some for home repairs. We will begin working in the community next week.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to help those that truly need it. They are filled with such gratitude and they show so much appreciation. We can only be humbled by them.

Phil and Kathleen Maneikis, Elmer and Mary Friesen, Abi Hartemariam

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