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West Virginia Bridges-Weekly Update- October 16-20, 2017

November 3, 2017

Our volunteer group from Ohio was only able to arrive by Monday noon, so we took the opportunity to spend half a day renovating the house next door known as the bakery. We are grateful to the firemen for hosting us over the last two years. To show our appreciation we are helping them develop office space, so they don’t have to be at the community center. In the spring we raised this house out of the floodplain. Next week we will be using this building for the staff housing.

On Tuesday this group wrapped up the Hensley Bridge in Mingo County. We then mobilized all our trucks and equipment and moved back to Lincoln County to start the Terry Miller Bridge.

This week there were many conversations about who are  Apostolic Christians and who are the Mennonites. As we have many times before we were again reminded that MDS is a wonderful melting pot of believers leaving all our differences at home, and together loving our neighbor as Christ commanded.

Because the Miller Bridge is located on the outside bend of a stream, the engineers designed many gabion baskets to protect the bridge abutment and the banks. These are large basket-like structures filled with lots of rock.

A devotional shared by Georgann Melby has a lot meaning to our setting.

Nehemiah 2:1-8 talks about rebuilding the city of Jerusalem. A devotional booklet she used said that he took stones of hate, pain, and despair, then to pile them up and rebuild a great wall. Georgann’s conclusion came in a poem form, and I quote:

“MDS – may have felt the despair when they heard that the bridges in WV had been broken down and flooded away. But MDS set out to rebuild the bridges and bring restoration to WV. It wasn’t easy for MDS to take stones of pain and despair and pile them up and rebuild bridges, which then gives the people hope.”

Thank you to Austin Wilson, Doug Brake, Michael Palitto, Wayne Klotzle, Jeb Joos, Steve Hanhart, Kurt and Georgann Melby.

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