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MDS Canada Pandemic Update

For the health and safety of volunteers living in Canada, we are currently not sending or supporting Canadian volunteers who would like to go to the U.S. to volunteer with MDS. This means we will not assist with border crossings; not make our usual travel subsidy available; and not give support to volunteers from Canada who may encounter issues while in the U.S., especially issues related to COVID-19.

The main reason for this is the Canadian Government travel advisory against travel to the U.S. and the closing of the border to all non-essential travel. This is an indication that travel to the U.S. is currently not deemed safe or advisable for Canadians due to COVID-19.

People who are dual citizens or U.S. citizens living in Canada may choose to apply to MDS in the U.S. to volunteer. MDS staff in the Lititz office will process these applications. Should such volunteers meet U.S. requirements to volunteer (including adequate medical coverage), all supports will come from the MDS office in Lititz.

For more information, contact the MDS Canada office. 

MDS is a volunteer network! Here are the different ways that you can volunteer with MDS:

Since Canada experiences fewer disasters than the U.S., there usually isn’t the same need for large number of volunteers in this country. Periodically, however, local units will respond to disasters in their region/province—rebuilding or repairing several homes, or just one. This is an excellent opportunity for people who have a few days, a week or more to volunteer closer to home.

For more information on volunteer opportunities in Canada, contact the MDS Canada office at 204-261-1274, 1-866-261-1274
 or mdscanada@mds.mennonite.net.