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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Nov 26-30, 2018

December 6, 2018

It was a week of fun and laughter as the 10 young Amish men from Indiana arrived at 5am on Monday morning ready to work! These guys were such a pleasure to have here and were a huge help to the long term team.

We had a home dedication for Ernest Licerio on November 28. The trades, Samaritan’s Purse, St. Vincent De Paul, Tesse Martinez, family and the 19 current MDS team members made up the group celebrating God’s good provision for Ernest. His “house in a box” had arrived and he was already very nearly moved in.

There seemed to be a myriad of details to attend to at the last for John and Carol White’s home. This week’s projects were to complete insulation under the house, skirting, a wonderful ramp, and touch up details on the inside. A home dedication is planned for Tuesday December 4. Carol and John are so excited and the current count for guests is at least 55!

Laura Gonzales and Victor Martinez’ home also received insulation under the home and skirting. There is electrical and HVAC work still to be done. We hope to have a home dedication for them before we close in December.

Repairs began for Pete Estrada and Gloria Ramirez. MDS had a roof put on Gloria’s home, but the interior damage had to wait until now.

Abelina Rubio needed her pump house replaced as it housed her water filtration system. She has been working with bottled water since the storm. She is in her 80’s and in a wheelchair but she is a determined lady and is coping with a home that needs a lot of maintenance.  The rattlesnake living in the pumphouse did not get to see another day when our guys found it. Abelina has a great spirit and even made our boys Mexican food for lunch.

The new build for Dominga Hernandez will begin on Monday December 3!

Submitted by: Marj Weber 


Not snowdust but sandust!
Anothony Knepp is framed!