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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Mar 25-29, 2019

April 2, 2019

This week we had a short term group of fourteen from Iowa and two from Manitoba join the long term crew of ten in the rebuilding of seven homes at various stages of completion. 

At Rebecca Chacon’s home, the final touch ups and clean up were completed and a dedication was held on Wednesday.  Rebecca and her family provided a wonderful supper for all the volunteers after the house blessing.  It was amazing.

At Raul Ramirez’s house, the two closet shelves were straightened, paint touch ups and clean up completed and the ‘house in a box’ set up before the dedication on Monday.  It is always a thrill to see another homeowner being able to move back into their home.

At Rosa Llanes’ house, the deck and wheel chair ramp were completed.  The last of the drywall finish was done and painting started.  By the end of the week the painting was nearly finished.

At Minnie Hernandez’ house, windows and doors were installed and trimmed out.  Door locks and roof vents were also installed.  The porch deck was started, and the house is now dried-in.

At Calvin Davis’s house, the siding was started and finished.  Insulation was installed under the house and the vent pipe hole was cut in the roof.  The deck ceiling was finished.  Some drywall hanging was done.

At the Clayton house, the drywalling continued while mudding started.  The bathroom exhaust vent and plumbing stack holes were cut.  Painting was started on the siding.

We give praise for wonderful weather for working all week.

The long term crew; Alvin, Debbie, Christa, Steve, Noah, Pete, Laurel, Dwight, Dave & Anna

Debbie Iverson presented a Bible to Raul on March 25.