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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Mar 18-22, 2019

March 28, 2019

Our two weekly crews of 5 and 17 arrived from Manitoba and Pennsylvania to work with the long term crew of 12 from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Germany.  It was a wonderful week of work and fun.

At Raul Ramirez’s house, the transition stips were installed, a hole in the ceiling was fixed. Painting was finished as well as installing baseboard, trim was painted and caulked, the front door was fixed, and door latches were installed. This house needs a few last touch ups and it is scheduled for dedication next week.

Rebecca Chacon‘s house is nearing completion.   The window boxes were installed, all the trim work was done, the concrete pad was made for the rear deck stair landing, and a door for the crawl space was made.  The bathroom accessories such as towel bar & paper roll holder were installed.  A closet hanger and door handle were also installed and paint was touched up.  A load of garbage was taken away to spruce up the site for a dedication next week.

At Rosa Llanes’ house, the exterior was painted a light green.  The crawl space skirt was started and a wheelchair ramp was started.  On the inside, the drywall was taped and mudded and sanded. 

At Minnie Hernandez’ house, they started by putting up the second half of the rafters/trusses.  The facia went on and the roof was sheeted and shingled. Hurricane strapping was installed and the exterior sheeting was completed.  All the interior walls were built. The Hardi board on eaves was finished, as well as miscellaneous interior stuff.  The porch overhang was strapped and housewrap was applied all the way around.  The garbage was all loaded up and hauled away to leave a clean site for next week.

At Calvin Davis’s house, insulation stops were put between the trusses.  Window and door frames were installed. Trim was painted at MDS camp.  The soffit was finished. Tub walls were blocked and all walls were insulated.  Exterior corner molding was installed and siding starter was put on. Bathroom exhaust holes were cut in.

At Clayton Pilzner’s house, the insulation stops were put between the trusses and drywall blocking was installed.The wiring holes were caulked with firestop.   Soffit was installed, windows were framed, and insulation installation inside and under house was completed.  The siding was finished and the garbage loaded and taken away, leaving a clean site.

At Petra Longoria’s house, the roof was shingled and the drip edge and hardi facia were put on.  The soffit was finished and the deck floor was finished.  Framing for the HVAC closet was finished, then drywalled and taped.  Lock sets were installed.  We had the right crew to carry in all the drywall.  This was another site where all the garbage was loaded up and hauled away, leaving a clean site for next week.

Furniture was picked up for Raul and Rebecca, whose houses will likely be done next week. We had Paul Hunt and Christle Gehman come to film and interview the leadership this week. We praise our Lord for an accident free week of hard work and fun times.