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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Mar 11-15, 2019

March 19, 2019

We started off this week with a college group of twelve young men and women on spring break from Millersville University. None had ever served with MDS before and they were interested in learning all about it!  They jumped in eager to learn a variety of tasks!  There was another turnover on the long term team this weekend as many of us who have been here since the beginning of the year will be moving on.  The Wiebe family will be heading out for respite and then continuing their year long term by heading to South Dakota to serve.  A special thanks to all of them – to Pamela for heading up the kitchen and serving us delicious meals day after day, to Danny for his excellent work leading the crews each week, and to their children for working alongside so well and providing happiness and fun!  And thanks to Will, who has been a great part of our team here all these weeks, and for giving himself to the work and community here in so many ways.  Mike and I will also be heading home to our farm and family.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Bloomington and are so grateful for the community here and the MDS family, with whom we have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, a wonderful friendship. The work will continue on and we are grateful for those who have come to carry on the work.

Early this week, the exterior walls went up at Minnie’s, the floor was sheeted, straps were nailed on and trusses were put up. The finish up work continues at Rebecca’s as the flooring was installed, doors were put in and trim put on. At Petra’s, the porch was built and the roof sheeted and papered.  The exterior sheeting was put on, as well as the house wrapped and the windows installed. 

The flooring was finished and the doors hung at Raul’s.  The doors and windows were also hung and it will soon be ready for a final cleaning. 

On Monday, we were privileged to be a part of the house dedication for Dominga Hernandez.  She is an elderly woman who speaks mostly Spanish so her words of thanks were interpreted to us all.  She has not been in her home since the hurricane and she is so, so grateful to have her own home again.  Many of her extended family attended.  Once again, it was an inspiration to all of us and the work of MDS is so appreciated by the whole community. 

Blessings to those who will continue with the important work here in Victoria County.

Victoria Co. Team – Daniel & Pamela and family, Will, Dwight, Ralph & Ingrid, Steve & Christa, Mike & Linda