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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 25-Mar 1, 2019

March 5, 2019

On Sunday evening, our weekly volunteers arrived, this time a group of 8 young men from Ontario, Canada, and 4 couples from Saskatchewan, Canada.  We from the United States are really outnumbered this week as only 5 of us are from the States and 30 of us are from Canada!  There is some good natured teasing going on, but we’ve all gotten along quite well!!  On Saturday, our long term volunteer, Jonathan Short, left us for the wintry north!  He was a valuable part of our team for these weeks heading up the building of several new houses.  Thank you Jonathan, for your wonderful work in this community!

Much has gotten done again this week and we see changes happening every day!  Minnie Hernandez’ house is just beginning, with the setting of corner blocks and leveling dirt.  Corner brackets were done and blocks were laid. 

At Calvin Davis’, the hurricane strapping was being nailed on at the beginning of the week, along with framing the floor,  walls and trusses.  Paper was put on the roof and the HVAC closet was prepared.

The brackets were set at Petra Longoria’s on Monday, and the rim boards and floor joists put in. 

Work is moving along at Clayton Pilzner’s as the interior walls were framed, the exterior walls sheeted, and trusses set, along with house wrap done.  The roof was also sheeted. 

Volunteers spent one day at Rebecca Chacon’s sanding walls and ceilings.  They also cleaned floors and painted two of the bedrooms. 

Because of the rain outside, we have moved back into Raul Ramirez’ home to continue the work we had started there.  The flooring was taken out of the kitchen and utility room and the walls and ceilings were being primed early this week. By the end of the week, much of the first coat of blue paint was done in many of the rooms.  The cabinets and countertops were also installed in this house.

Every week we are energized and encouraged by the stories of our homeowners!  This week was no exception as Rebecca Chacon shared with us her touching story of her faith being renewed since the devastation of the hurricane and then the gift of receiving a house from MDS.  “This is my miracle!” she tearfully shares.  With many health problems to deal with, she is anxious to be in this new home and enjoy each day as she and her husband look forward to sharing their home as a gathering place for children and grandchildren.  On Tuesday evening, Tessy, our case manager, and Father Samuel, the priest from the local Catholic Church, joined us for our evening meal and what a joy to share this time together.  Father Samuel is going to be our neighbor soon, as he is buying the house directly behind us! 

Another week of gratefulness for wonderful volunteers who work without complaining in this sticky Texas mud!

Victoria Co. Team – Daniel & Pamela and family, Cole, Raven, Will, Wes, Ashley & family, Ralph & Ingrid, Mike & Linda