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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 18-22, 2019

February 26, 2019

This week nine young men from Ohio and ten young people from Canadian Mennonite University travelled to Bloomington.  They all brought energy and skills that were so appreciated!  On Saturday we had to say goodbye to Ron and Char, who had been here since the first of the year serving as Crew Leader and Assistant Cook.  We thank them for their hard work and acts of service while they went about their duties here in Bloomington.  They were much appreciated!  Ralph and Ingrid Hughes joined our team as they arrived on Saturday.  Ralph will be a crew leader here and Ingrid will be our assistant cook.  We look forward to having them here with us!

This week Dominga Hernandez’ house continued with finishing work.  Volunteers finished putting up the trim around doors and windows, installed closet shelving, filled nail holes, did touch up painting and cleaned.  We should be able to have a house dedication soon and Dominga can move in and enjoy her new home!

Maria and family are still anxiously waiting for a water inspection and then they can move in.  Everything is finished! 

At Minnie Hernandez’ home, the footers were formed and poured, so we will soon see a major change on that house as the actual building will begin very soon!

The footers were poured, block laid and rim boards and floor joists put on for Calvin Davis’ house.  Next door, at Clayton Pilzner’s, the floor framing was finished, headers cut, and hurricane strapping nailed in.  By the end of the week, exterior and interior walls were up. Petra Longoria’s house is just getting started, and block was laid this week. 

At Rosa Llanes’, shingles were put on, doors and windows installed and sheetrock was started. The front and back steps and porch railings were put up at Rebecca Chacon’s house, and the final touch up mudding was completed. 

Our temperatures here fluctuate so quickly from nice and warm to quite chilly, but we find our volunteers to be wonderfully flexible and able to have the energy and enthusiasm to work no matter what!  A real blessing! 

Victoria Co. Team – Daniel & Pamela and family, Cole, Raven, Jonathan, Will, Wes, Ashley & family, Ralph & Ingrid, Mike & Linda